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New Sufix  131  G-CORE  is  built  with  13  fibers  to  guarantee strong  construction  with  no  weak  points  for  reliable braided  line  during  casting,  strikes  and  fighting  action.

A  single  strand  of  GORE  Performance  Fiber  surrounded by  12  precision  braided  HMPE  fibers  results  in  a  “super-round”  line  that  claims to be  smoother,  quieter  and  casts  more  accurate  and  further  than  other  lines.

131's non-hollow construction does not absorb water, thus preventing the line from getting heavier and reducing casting distance.

Its solid structure also avoids conventional braid flattening, while the Gore centre fiber also protects the line from internal fraying.

Available from 4lb to 50lb in 150yd Neon Chartreuse spools and 10lb to 100lb in 300yd Neon Chartreuse.