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Anglers agree that color is a crucial factor in catching fish, but how do you decide which color to use for the varying conditions?  The Color-C-Lector® is the answer.  Its state of the art technology, backed by proven research, helps you determine which color will be best seen by fish in all conditions so you can choose the right color for spectacular results.  Fish rely on color to signal the arrival of food in their environment, to seek a mate, for self-defense or to find shelter.  Now you have the advantage.  Simply lower the sensor into the water and press the ON switch.  The ambient light in the water is registered and the appropriate color code is displayed on the LCD screen.


Dr. Loren G. Hill, former Director of the Zoology Department and Biological Research Center at the University of Oklahoma, after nine years of research, established a range of 26 colors that were best visible to the eyes of a fish.  Through careful observation and patience, Dr. Hill was able to train the fish to differentiate 26 colors positions under optimum conditions.  He then altered those conditions to simulate various times of day and varying degrees of water clarity.  With each change, the correct responses were carefully measured and recorded.

The Color-C-Lector® is the result of those experiments and reflects the actual responses of fish to color under all conditions that anglers will encounter.  Take the guesswork out of selecting the right lure color!  Use the Color-C-Lector® to determine the right lure color and Spike-It’s complete line of coloring products to achieve the perfect match. A fishing favorite of Roland Martin and Jimmy Houston!