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Weedless design head size 1 bronze hook, 1" long; EXTRA THIN WIRE HOOK. This was an original design by Charlie Brewer to create a weedless "Texas Style" rigging head. The head is offered in one size and color. Works great in getting the lure into and around under water brush with out hanging. Design originally to go with the 1 1/2" crappie grub but also is excellent for use with the 3" and 4" Slider worm.  This Head/Hook hangs up very little.  It is like a double weedless head.  First, the head is rigged Texas style with barb buried into the grub for weedless protection.  Second, if the tip of the hook should come through the grub and hang due to a bream bite or something then it will usually straighten out and come loose.  The hook can then be bent back into sharp and reused.  Should loose very few heads with this design and the double-lite wire hook.  This thin wire also will penetrate easier.  Remember that a very light wire hook is being used so fight the fish down and take it easy.