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Still using Stren, Triline, Seaguar, Maxima, or Berkley monofilament linesIJ Just as Megabass and lucky Craft have set the standard for lures and soft baits, Sunline from Japan has done the same for the new age of fishing line. Got a great rod and reelIJ Why compromise that outfit with a line not up to the taskIJ

Sunline products are truly the "Next Generation" in fishing line. The problems associated with first generation line has been address and solved! Everyone on our staff was so impressed with the Sunline Products that we decided our customers needed and deserved this wonderful, premium line. Try this Super Quality line to see just what you have been missing. Made in Japan

Sunline Shooter METAN Green is a Fluorocrabon Camoflage line designed for high pressure fishing. This line virtually Disappears even when fishing extremely shallow water. This is a line that is designed for fishing in weeds and grass, regardless of what shade of Green. That's why this line is a Green Camo with varying shades of green. In the weeds it is truly invisible! Great for fishing weeds, moss, and reservoir water. Totally eliminates the "spook" factor in those BIG bass!