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  • Simple and easy to attach and detach from vehicle
  • Able to be fitted to boats
  • Clamp includes 6 inter-locking sizing sleeves so it adjusts to fit bar sizes from 45mm to 75mm (1 ¾ “ to 3”)
  • Height adjustable from 530mm to 830mm  (1’9” to 2’9”)  fits nudge bars and bullbars
  • Custom heights available on request
  • Rod and reel can be carried above your line of vision for safer and more comfortable driving (your passengers will be impressed)
  • Rotates 360 degrees – no problems with angled bars
  • Rotate to the front of the vehicle to place rod and reel in holder – no leaning over the bonnet
  • Rotate to the front of the vehicle to rig up rods from line to hook without removing from the holder
  • Sturdy 3mm thick anodised aluminium tubing for strength
  • No sharp edges.  Made from glass filled nylon – so won’t scratch bars, rods or reels
  • Unique V shape cut-outs hold most reels
  • V cut-outs top and bottom allows reels to face up or down.  Can carry reels facing downwards reducing snags on trees along bush tracks
  • can be removed easily and used to store rods when not in use
  • Hook and Loop strap provided to hold rods together
  • Spare parts available
this is a pick up only from either somerset or Brisbane store. 

freight can be arrange at an extra cost.