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The Rapala Jigging Rap Ice Jig is a vertical jigging ice jig lure that mimics the action of dying shad. The Rapala Jigging Rap Rap Ice Jig is similar to a jigging spoon in that it is intended to be used as a vertical presentation of a school of fish. The Jigging Rap Ice Jig isn't a new lure, its been a popular multi-species bait all over the country, but recently its gained popularity in the bass fishing world. Anglers in Southern California became aware of its effectiveness in the small, highly-pressured reservoirs. The action of the Jigging Rap Ice Jig is a slow, circular free fall that will be replicated each time the angler snaps his rod tip upward. The most effective method of use is locating a school of fish and using electronics to find their depth and the where the bait is positioned in relation to the bass.