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Pro Lure Sic Vibe Vibration Hardbody Fishing Lure

All lure anglers are fully aware of how critical it is to have variety at hand. Selection in the tackle box can make or break a fishing expedition or tournament round. On some outings, fish demand plastics, some days, fish want cranks, and there are other times when fish just want vibes, and that’s all they want. 

The Pro Lure Sicvibe is an outstanding metal vibe. When fish are schooling deep in cold water, or when fish are shut down, a slowly worked vibe is not just extremely effective but can be the only way to induce a strike. Fish are quickly drawn the fast vibration rate of the Sicvibe. For the angler, the excellent casting properties allows for working large areas easily. In this regard, it’s an excellent lure for land based anglers. 


TYPE: Metal Vibe

LENGTH: 42mm

Weight: 1/4oz  7g

DEPTH: Brilliant throughout all depths

TECHNIQUE: The Sicvibe should be worked slowly. Lift, drop and pause. Slow Roll. Bouncing on the bottom

RIG: Spin or Baitcaster outfit, Ultra-light to Medium. The lighter you fish, the better the casting and vibration or action. Can be fished with braid or mono. Use Pro Lure CLEAR leader. Always fish them as light as you dare, consider the teeth of your target. A minimum of 6lb is advisable for the abrasive mouth of the Flathead.