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UD' means ultra deep
One of the deepest fishing lures in its class. The B65UD uses the same bib as the classic B80D Boomerang. This makes its bib-to-body-size ratio greater than the 80mm Boomerang.

Considering its specialised application (deep trolling) the B65UD is a volume seller.

A mid-summer special when fish are holding deeper in lakes.

Narrow action
An unusual lure because, despite the huge bib, it doesn't have a heavy throbbing action. Rather it swims with a tight wobble that allows it to dig deeper than heavy-actioned lures.

Heavy action lures tend to shed water pressure by tilting their bibs at the extremes of their sideways wobble. In contrast, the B65UD bib resists sideways movement, forcing it to go deeper.