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  • Shallow version of the classic 3700 Series StowAway®

Plano Rustrictor Tackle Boxes

Blocks rust 5x longer

As anglers we all know how important it is to keep our gear in top condition, especially after dropping all our hard-earned cash on expensive lures and terminal tackle. Plano have come up with the perfect storage solution, the Rustrictor series of tackle boxes are infused with Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) to fight back against rust and salt corrosion to keep all your gear in the best possible condition, no more surprises when opening your tackle box to find all your trebles and split rings need replacing. 

Left unorganized, terminal tackle can quickly become the enemy of every tackle box. The Rustrictor Terminal StowAway brings order to the chaos with 26 fixed compartments for every hook, weight and jig head. But just as important as what you'll put in this Stow, is what we already put in it for you.

The Rustrictor Terminal benefits from Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused throughout. This surrounds your terminal tackle with 360 degrees of rust preventative to block build-up and corrosion five times longer* than the competition. Simply snap shut, and the Rustrictor Terminal Stow will surround your tackle with a VCI vapor that won't leave any residue, odour or film. Consider your terminal tackle woes solved for good.

Product Features:

-           Fixed dividers create 26 compartments

-           Most effective rust-preventing storage solution on the market

-           Blocks rust/corrosion 5x longer* than competing products

-           Infused with 360 degrees of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

-           Works with or without dividers

-           Developed with Armor Protective Packaging®

-           Keeps expensive lures/tackle clean and pristine

-           Transparent for easy viewing and access to contents

-           Won't leave residue, odour or film on tackle

-           *Per Accelerated Lab Testing

-           Made in the USA

-           Armor Protective Packaging

-           Rustrictor

Rustrictor technology delivers 360 degrees of protection by infusing the entire StowAway with the leading rust preventative. **

** Contents in Tacklebox not included.

Dimensions: 356mm x 232mm x 35mm

Colour: Clear

Compartments: 5-34

Dividers: Adjustable

Stowaway Size: 3700