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This lure manufacturer emerged in Hokkaido, the part of Japan where lure fishing is most popular. Northern Lights' spoons show off their effectiveness in the many different environments that large wild trout and salmon inhabit, such as mountain streams, large rivers, wetland rivers, lakes and the sea. Over 40 years' worth of experience pursuing trout and salmon in Hokkaido has been distilled in these products.

The main feature of the "Master Angler" (23.5g/26g/30g) is without a doubt the intense sparkle emitted by the large spoon. It is very alluring no matter what size fish appears before you, and will lead your target to bite. The 23.5g spoon is perfect for lakes and the sea. Since the lure creates an authentic swimming motion, simply retrieving the spoon at a natural swimming speed invites that elusive hit. The heavier 26g and 30g models work best for fishing in rivers and lakes. They're not just heavy, but have superb balance when cast, so you can cast your line out to astonishing distances. They're perfect when fishing at a wide river or when the fish are a long distance from the shore of a lake. Being able to throw your lure out to a previously unreachable point allows you to enjoy a new fishing experience. If you're unsure which weight to choose, try selecting a weight appropriate to the depth of the river or lake, i.e. a weight that allows the lure to swim in the region from mid-dept to the bed.

Made in Japan.

comes standard wiht BKK Treble

Vector tornado treble extra