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The new Wrapping Minnow SW is the updated version of the original Wrapping Minnow designed for inshore saltwater use. The Wrapping Minnow SW is approximately 6g heavier than the original bass version. It combines a heavy lead head and buoyant foam body in a compact and balanced package. The ultra thin tail blade that can be adjusted according to how much commotion the angler wishes to get out of the lure as it’s retrieved, so you can use it to be subtle or for that reaction bite. At 14g, it casts like a bullet and covers a lot of distance for searching. At 57mm it’s a great snack-size for any inshore predator, and as a sinking minnow, it can be worked all throughout the water column. The Nories Wrapping Minnow SW is the latest from the Wrapping Minnow range and this new model will let you tangle with bigger fish!