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The features of spinnerbaits include flushing, vibration, and snaglessness (ability to avoid obstacles), but this spinnerbait is designed with the same sound and silhouette, even if the plus and weight are different. It is important that the silhouettes are the same even if the weights are different. By using resin tungsten for the head and controlling the specific gravity, it is possible to achieve the same silhouette with different weights and to use it with the same feeling. doing. Another sound was set so that the blades interfere with each other by increasing the blade size (especially width). Appealing with the contact sound of the blades by setting the blades to contact each other intentionally. Although the silhouette is smaller as a spinnerbait, it aims at the fish collecting effect by this contact sound. In addition, the increased flushing effect by increasing the blade size is also included. Even though it's a small grain, it's gutsy! HAMMER with the appeal!