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The Rock N Vibe creates an uproar of commotion as it swims through the water column. The 2.5-inch lure is compact in size but creates a huge sound profile. It combines a potent vibrating frequency with a tight running action and loud rattle chambers. It perfectly mimics fleeing baitfish in both action and sound and will stimulate even inactive fish to strike. It’s ideal for locating fish fast and patterning what type of structure or cover they’re using. 


Preferred Techniques with the Rock N’ Vibe

  1. Straight Retrieve: Make a long cast and allow the bait to fall to the desired depth. Burn the bait back when fish are feeding aggressively or slow roll it when fish are lethargic.
  2. Lift and Fall (“Yo Yo”): Allow the bait to shimmer down to the desired structure and then rip the bait up by raising the rod quickly causing the bait to vibrate intensely.