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GAMMA 100% Fluorocarbon Transparent Leader Material has increased flexibility, suppleness and strength while retaining its natural refractive qualities, making it virtually invisible under water. It's the perfect line for fishing in clear water or when fish are acting line shy. This line is processed for performance and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and demands! Available in multiple different variations to tailor to all angler's needs. Backed by a Money Back Performance Guarantee, there is no reason to be hesitant about trying GAMMA. Experience the GAMMA difference!

Key features and benefits:

  • 2 times more flexible and shock resistant than other leading Fluorocarbon lines
  • High quality and high strength
  • Exclusive processing eliminates all inherent drawbacks of Fluorocarbon lines
  • Money Back Performance Guarantee! *

Do you plan on hitting the ice for this winter for some fish-catching action? For the perfect Ice Fishing Duo, pair together GAMMA 100% Fluorocarbon Transparent Leader Material and GAMMA ESP Ice Copolymer Ice Fishing Line!