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Perfect for targeting suspended bass, the Freedom Tackle Turnback Shad offers a new twist on the classic ice jig design. It features a full metal body construction with a swiveling metal shaft line tie that runs through its entire body and allows the Turnback Shad to dart in random directions when snapped with the rod tip then turn around and glide back to the center. This unique design keeps the Turnback Shad in the strike zone for a longer period of time and also has the ability to rotate and reduce any leverage the fish has to throw the hook and get free.

The Turnback Shad is equipped with a razor sharp treble hook and rear jig hook to ensure a high hook up ratio, and a glass bead provides a visual target and a subtle clacking sound for an added level of attraction. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the Freedom Tackle Turnback Shad is definitely a bait that you definitely don’t want to leave the dock without.