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Built to deflate or “fizz” the swim bladder of fish, the Fish Life Fizz Needles provide surgical-grade sharpness that will help keep your catch alive – and hopefully your shot of cashing a check as well. Made to the specifications of the Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife, the Fish Life Fizz Needles are perfectly sized at 18-gauge, making them easy to use and easy on fish. 

When fish are caught in deep water or when they are brought to the surface quickly, their swim bladder can become filled with oxygen otherwise known as barotrauma. Signs of a fish suffering from an overinflated swim bladder usually includes rolling on their side or belly.  When a fish tries to right itself back into an upright position it can exhaust a lot of energy, which sometimes results in mortality. 

To relieve pressure through fizzing, lay the fish on its side and allow their pectoral fin to rest naturally. Count three scales from the furthest point on the fin towards the tail, insert the needle under the scale, raise the needle to 90-degrees, submerge the fish and the needle under water. If done correctly, the trapped air should be released through the tubing, allowing the fish to right itself and move around freely. Nothing stings more than a dead fish penalty during weigh-ins, especially when it costs you money, so protect your investment and your catch with the Fish Life Fizz Needles.