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The Deep Magic is a revolutionary hard bait to reinvent a new fishing depth.

With its sinking action it has a range of use that goes from 3 to 8m of depthEvergreen it has developed a new type of bait that goes to look for (as the Japanese say) the "wind fishing" in depth.

Shinji Sato, who has designed it Deep Magic, he wanted to develop what was already a very good hard bait namely the PropMagic but in a version that goes to probe so much most marked the depth.

The movement of the Deep Magic for other is very special, combines the action of a Prop and a Blade with ultra fine vibrationand a high-pitched sound that inexorably draws the big bass to itself, it should be remembered that the sound is determined by the inner spheres in brass and glass.

This fantastic hard bait is able to move considerable quantities of water, and also the movement of the tail (left right) is attirante, all this while also offering a high capacity to launch.

It seems impossible to observingthat despite having a body so compact is able to produce all of these movements, usuallyreserved for bait of larger in size.

Be noted that his body is made ​​of ABS resin with the "backbone" of metal, the study that has been done on the body of theDeep Magic was crucial for developing his movement, by testing various resins and varying several times the position of the bubble of air inside that determines the posture in swimming.

This hard bait has given excellent results also into sea with into sea with sea bass and sea bream.

Length: 5cm

Weight: 22,5g

Rings: (snap) Fukkuai front: # 2 rear: # 3

Treble hooks: front: # 6 rear: # 6

Featuring spoon Evergreen with a mirror finish Colorado # 3.5