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The BKK Worm Titan 9006 Hook is designed for weedless-style rigging of big soft plastics like swimbaits and tubes.
This hook is armed with a locking spring that securely holds the bait in place and allows anglers to effortlessly add or remove their soft baits.
The deep throat features a much longer hook point section that penetrates further into the fish’s mouth for a more secure hook-up.
The unique Super Slide coating of this BKK hook enhances penetration capability and reduces friction to a minimum.
The Worm Titan is the best hook for those anglers that are not willing to compromise on the hook-up rate when weed-less fishing with soft plastic lures.


  • Designed for weedless style rigging of larger plastics like swimbaits and tubes
  • A locking spring securely holds baits in place and allows anglers to easily add or remove bait without damage
  • The adjustable silicone stopper holds soft plastics in place when casting, but can slide down the hook when a fish strikes