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The Backstabber Lures Deep Diving Crankbait features a hook extending from its back as opposed to the traditional belly hook placement of most crankbaits.  This allows the Backstabber Deep Diving Crankbait to repel snags better than conventional lures, and the back hook configuration also hooks fish on the top lip - greatly increasing your odds of landing those larger fish.  Specially tuned and weighted to accommodate the top hook placement and swim true, the Backstabber Deep Diving Crankbait also features 360-degree rotating swivels to prevent fish from using the lure as leverage to dislodge the hooks.  Available in a variety of colors the Backstabber Deep Diving Crankbait will get down deep and avoid those costly snags.

Backstabber Length Weight Depth
Deep Diver 2.75" 0.80oz 14-18ft