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This smaller Poltergeist 50 travels with a tight shuffling action and can be cast or trolled. It crash dives to 3 metres and like its larger counterpart, protects its hooks from snags due to the shape of the body. The lure will take a dead slow to medium retrieve or trolling from 0.5 – 3 knots.

The Poltergeist 50 Crazy Deep version is a remarkably stable lure achieving trolling depths in excess of 8 metres when using 2kg braided line.


Poltergeist 50 Specs

Product Name POL50, POL50 XDD
Trolling Speed 0.5 to 3 Knots
Weight 7 Grams
Length 50mm, 1.9 Inches
Hooks #6 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles
Applications Trolling, Casting
Buoyancy Floating